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Look beyond our stages and find more room for your production needs. Offices, wardrobes, make-up rooms, sound suites, control rooms for live productions, pre- and post production suites, cafeterias,  work shop, beautiful on-site locations - all situated on a lake-side studio-lot.


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Production Offices, Green Rooms,...

Adjacent to our stages you can find room for your production team, your client, authors, guests or talent.

Make-Up Rooms, Wardrobes, Cafeterias,...

Keep your team productive with space to allow for a focused and structured work flow.

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Anker 3

Live- and Postproduction Facilities

We offer technical ample space, such as sound suites, recording booth, editing- and control rooms etc.

Studio Lot and On-Site Locations

The studio infrastructure makes shoots on our on-site locations and our lake-view studio-lot easy to organize.

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